ShutterBugs Photography Club

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Our Webmaster

Our Webmaster

Pam Schmitt

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Our President

ShutterBugs President

Gary Uhley

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GaryIt seems like I was always interested in photography, as a Cub Scout we made little "pin-hole" cameras as a project which stirred up a life long interest. Later in the Army I took my first "Selfie" while in Germany, then learning to develop, and print raw film. I purchased my first "real" camera there - a 35mm Yashica - shooting film all over Europe.

After Service,  I started a part-time Photography _ Photography Unlimited - business, with a friend. While employed by Chrysler I was involved in forensic photography for court cases and evidence retrieval for a number of years. In my thirty-one years with Chrysler I obtained a degree in Criminal Justice which included shooting autopsies, crime & accident scenes, and evidence work. I've done accident scene photography for insurance companies.

 I am one of the original founders of the ShutterBugs holding the position as President for five years, and have just returned after a short hiatus.

 My interest in digital photography continues, always striving to learn, teach and become a better photographer.  I relish the look on a person's face when they create a beautiful photograph totally amazed by what they have created. Most of us lack the confidence to believe we CAN chronicle beautiful images. I want to change this.

We just need some urging.


Our Display Director

Display Director

Gordon Daniels

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I became interested in photography my junior year in high school when my parents gave 
me an Argus C-3, 35mm camera for Christmas and I set up a small darkroom in the cellar.

During my 56 years in photography I was able to save a few black & white photographs that were produced for camera clubs, exhibitions and work. I thought they would be of interest to our generation here at O.T.O.W.

 My 46 year career began at the Daily Hampshire Gazette in Northampton, MA. covering news, sports, advertising and photographing features for our weekly news magazine.

At the end of my career I received the "Master Photographer for 2012," by the New England Society of Newspaper Editors."      

At the end of his career Mr. Daniels was honored with an exhibit of his photographs titled "Through his Eye."  and was held in galleries throughout the county, a heartwarming way to end a great career.


Our Secretary/Treasurer


Linda Uhley

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      My husband and I moved to On Top Of The World in 2003.  My husband bought me my first camera years before we moved here but I never had the time nor patience to use it.  Once the club began I joined the club and became interested in trying to learn as much as I could with my second camera.

     Taking photographs is now a pleasure as is making new friends with the wonderful people we have met in the club.  The trips we have been on have given me a whole new perspective on what to look for and how to make the photograph as interesting as possible.

  This has now become a hobby with my husband and I and this is something we like to do together.  What fun it has become.