ShutterBugs Photography Club

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ShutterBugs President

Gary Uhley

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GaryIt seems like I was always interested in photography, as a Cub Scout we made little "pin-hole" cameras as a project which stirred up a life long interest. Later in the Army I took my first "Selfie" while in Germany, then learning to develop, and print raw film. I purchased my first "real" camera there - a 35mm Yashica - shooting film all over Europe.

After Service,  I started a part-time Photography _ Photography Unlimited - business, with a friend. While employed by Chrysler I was involved in forensic photography for court cases and evidence retrieval for a number of years. In my thirty-one years with Chrysler I obtained a degree in Criminal Justice which included shooting autopsies, crime & accident scenes, and evidence work. I've done accident scene photography for insurance companies.

 I am one of the original founders of the ShutterBugs holding the position as President for five years, and have just returned after a short hiatus.

 My interest in digital photography continues, always striving to learn, teach and become a better photographer.  I relish the look on a person's face when they create a beautiful photograph totally amazed by what they have created. Most of us lack the confidence to believe we CAN chronicle beautiful images. I want to change this.

We just need some urging.