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 Membership is open to all residents of OTOW. 

Our mission is to foster growth, vision, and knowledge of photography.  We encourage membership by all devotees of photography - from novice to pros.

The club is all about the members - so come and join us.  Meetings are held Recreation Center Hobby Building on Tuesdays at 3:00PM.

Standard Monthly schedule:

1st Tuesday – reserved for a ‘photographic opportunities’ field trip

2nd Tuesday – no meeting

3rd Tuesday – Show n Tell. Members submit photos, from a defined category/subject. These are reviewed and discussed by members with the goal of improving our photographic skills.

4th Tuesday – Educational presentation

This schedule changes, when needed for planning some field trips.  Please check the 'calendar' on our website for the most up to date schedule. 

Members’ photos are displayed at Master the Possibilities educational center.  The display changes monthly.

There is an annual photo contest which is judged in October. All entries are displayed at a reception in November.    

If you are interested in photography, please come to a few meetings and see what we're all about.

Visit our website at https://otowspc.com/

For more information, contact our President, Harry Boyajian: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.