IMG 0923 More confusion-2951 IMG 0927 viv confusion-2952 ROSE OF SHARON 2-2953 Take me Home-2954
Sanibel lighthouse Original-2955 What If-2956 Tom s River Border Impressionist-2957 Sanibel Lighthouse Watercolor-2958
Living waters-2959 wood with tear 8x10 Him-2960 Air Force wings like eagles 2-2961 Faith Hope Love-2962
Live Laugh 10x13 Love-2963 Burrowing Owls-2964 Great White Heron-2965 LILLIES HEAVY OIL-2966
Matlacha Bridge thru window-2967 Mom s Apple Sauce Oil Effect-2968 Rockport Motif 1 Sketch effect-2969 Ft Myers Beach Impressionist style heavy oil-2970
Sanibel Causeway-2971      
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