Paul Rubly 1st Place Novice-1217 Alex Boros 2nd Place Novice Carol in Shades of Blue 1959-1216 Paul Rubly 3rd Place Novice-1218 Connie Filip HM Novice-2447
Darryl Kenyon HM Novice Rainbow Springs-2448 Pat Anderlot HM Novice jpg-2449 Paul Rubly HM Novice -2450 Linda Uhley 1st Place Intermediate-1219
Linda Uhley 2nd Place Intermediate-1220 Ingrid Parady 3rd Place Intermediate-1221 Gary Anderlot HP Intermediate-2452 BP Agarwal HM Intermediate-2451
Scott Fraser HM Intermediate-2453 Carla Traudt 1st Place Advanced-1222 Carla Traudt 2nd Place Advanced-1223 Delores Buchan 3rd Place Advanced-1224
Delores Buchan HM Advanced-2454 Robert Durst HM Advanced 1 -2455 Robert Durst HM Advanced 2 -2456 John Ware 1st Place Master St Augustine Street Reflections-1225
Gary Uhley 2nd Place Master-1226 Gordon Daniels 3rd Place Master Team Effort-1227 Lennie Rodoff HM Master-2459 Dennis Philips HM Master Train-2457
Gary Uhley HM Master-2458 Rick Nelson HM Master Candler Sunset-2460 Carla Traudt 1st Place Landscape-1228 Charley Smith 2nd Place Landsape-1229
Connie Filip 3rd Place Landsape-1230 BP Agarwal HM Landscape-2461 Gary Uhley HM Landscape-2462 Jphn Ware HM Landscape-2463
John Ware 1st Place Modified USS Wyoming And Flag-1231 Gordon Daniels 2nd Place Modified Freeze-1232    
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