Shutterbugs 2017 Photo Contest Winners

Grooming Flamingo-3028 Waterfall-3029 Look Ma I Can Fly-3030 Webmaster-3031
Silly Egg Heads-3032 Great Salt Lake Utah-3033 Hunter Holloway-3034 A Whale of a Tale-3035
U.S. Coast Guard Tall Ship Eagle-3036 Dinner Yea-3037 Disney Springs-3038 Flamingo Yoga-3039
Artistic Impression Cobblestones-3040 Back Off-3041 GreatBlueHeron-3042 Confusion-3043
Who-3044 Out the Windshield-3045 Chilled FRUITS AND VEGETABLES-3046 Hint of Summer s Bounty-3047
Pile of Peppers-3048 Produce Horse-3049 Fruit plate-3050 Produce Cherries-3051

Upcoming Activities

Challenge for Annual Photo Contest = FOOTPRINTS    

                                    June 2018

Monthly Photo Challenge = Construction Sites & Sights

June 26th - Guest Speaker - John Ware

                                    July 2018

Monthly Photo Challenge = Alleyways and Pathways

July 3rd - No meeting due to Independence Day

July 10th - TBD

July 17th - Show n Tell

July 24th - TBD

July 31st - OFFICER'S MEETING - No General Meeting


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