Our 1st Vice President/Events Coordinator

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1st Vice-President (Events Coordinator)

Ginny Peyton

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         My first recollection of 35mm photography was a winter break in high     school when Mother Nature dropped a lot of snow on us. I dig out my dads old Argus C3. It was like carrying a brick around but I was fascinated by what something even that antiquated could do (it was about 20 years old).

        Armed with a bunch of black and white film (probably expired by today's standards)  I would go outside (because the flash had been misplaced), set up the shot (in the freezing cold of Illinois), take the photo and hope it turned out the way I had visualized. I still enjoy natural lighting and outdoor photography.
        Although my education took me in a different direction, I still always enjoyed taking pictures of places we visited and people we knew.  I was always interested in getting the right background and the lighting. Now I know this was the difference between snapping a picture and creating a moment.
      Since receiving my current camera for Christmas in 2010. I can't  remember a day that I haven't taken a picture. Our dogs, a bug on the bushes, or a pretty sunset, I enjoy it all.


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