Shutterbugs 2019 Photo Contest Winners

Seeing Double-3320 YOU INTERESTED IN A STARING CONTEST-3325 Light from Above-3321 Twilight on The Colorado River-3324
Posing Pretty-3322 Trevi Fountain-3323 A Round The Bend-3326 Gleason Brook-3330
Canyon Proposal-3327 Coconut Joe-3328 Shanghai Midnight-3331 Glass Dish of Many Colors-3329
Night Balloon-3332 Hummingbird Feeding-3333 There s No Place Like Mom-3334 SM aaDSCF2408Tc Butterfly or Pixie Wings-3335
Bok Tower Gardens-3336 Hibiscus-3337 Torri Archway-3343 SM DSCF2947a Gateway to the Sea Corfu-3338
Sholom-3339 Gate Guards-3340 Space Center Entrance Gate-3341 Walk in the Morning Mist-3342
A Round The Bend2-3345 Torri Archway2-3346    

Upcoming Activities


    First Tuesday of each month is reserved for a Field Trip

    Meetings are at 3PM on remaining Tuesdays 

    Challenges;  Are drawn on a monthly basis from the hat. Remember send ONLY three (3) photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Photos can be of the monthly challenge (below) or the most recent field trip. 

    Remember to “Attach” those pictures (3) , NOT “in bed,” them. 


2020 Membership fees;

Membership fees will be $12.00 payable to; Shutterbugs Photo Club. Ms. Linda will be happy to collect them, when you turn in your 2020 membership application.

The purging of 2019 membership will be the end of this month, so get those dues in….

Club Shirts;

Ms. Linda will be taking orders for our club shirts. This only happens ONCE a year, People.  Prices remain the same as before - $21.  XXL or one with a pocket are slightly more.


                                                 UPCOMING ACTIVITIES 


                                 January 2020

     MONTHLY CHALLENGE =  "Christmas Lights/Holiday Activities" 

Jan 28  National Geographi "Travel Log Series"


                                 February 2020

                       MONTHLY CHALLENGE =  "Horses"

Feb 4    GUEST SPEAKER John Bauer

Feb 11  National Geographic "Travel Log Series"

Feb 18  Show n Tell Challenge - "Horses"

Feb 25  FIELD TRIP - Circle B Bar Ranch


                              March 2020

                            MONTHLY CHALLENGE = "Water"

Mar 3    FIELD TRIP - TBD 

Mar 10  National Geographic "Travel Log Series"

Mar 17  Show n Tell Challenge 

Mar 24  GUEST SPEAKER John Ware

Mar 32  Officer's Meeting - No General Membership Meeting


                          April 2020

                     MONTHLY CHALLENGE = "Feathers"






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